LAZY CIRCLES: "Welcome" to Goshé​​
"Mayor Haynes fires the police department and makes his cousin, T.M. his deputy. Nadienne fights with her co-librarian about book censoring and takes a group of face-
painted senior citizens on a field trip. Meanwhile, News Channel 6 welcomes married news directors who torment Carl and get creative when they realize his physical attributes cause a problem on the new weather set."
Lazy Circles: "Welcome" to Goshé

Half-hour, Single Camera, Comedy

Goshé is a small rural town made up of simple people living simple lives - the most difficult way possible. The stubborn wheelchair-bound Mayor Haynes has taken ownership over the town, exterminating the police force, and appointing himself and his trusty sidekick, the dimwitted, but lovable T.M. as the “new founding fathers” of Goshé. Mayor Haynes’s approach to lead the town forward is to vote "NO" on anything and everything that would move the town forward. He is also scared of the internet.

Town mom and busybody, Nadienne wreaks her own havoc as the town librarian that raids patrons' houses for lost books. She also torments the elderly in town as a volunteer at the Goshé Senior Citizens Center because she just loves and cares for the patrons of the town too much. She also wears a neck brace from an accident that took place over a decade ago.

Goshé's claim to fame is News Channel 6's Carl Storm, the most decorated weatherman in Oklahoma. Raised a farmers son in Goshé, Carl uses his sense of smell to gauge what the weather will be – and is usually as accurate as his enemy from Action 8 News: Terry Reigns (Star Trek Voyager's ROBERT PICARDO). Carl’s new bosses, Huey and Veronica Gaylord (married news directors), will give Carl a run for his money and make it difficult to warn the state about the impending tornado season looming over Goshé.
Goshé thrives due to its people, however, the storm of all storms as predicted by Carl Storm’s nose is on its way, heading directly to Goshé, can the town weather the storm of the century before the real storm arrives? Or will it collapse the same way each citizen does every day when the town’s windmills cause a shutter effect that throw’s the town’s equilibrium off? LAZY CIRCLES takes a look at the hilarity and excitement that a small town faces daily. From book burnings to town perverts, to the fear of deadly storms and near worship of weathermen in a town that has more churches than stop signs. Based on true stories and experiences from LOCAL Emmy winning brothers, Marcus and Lucas Ross .